Introduction sheezy neezy 💞

Hi guys,

Alright so here it goes..

Who am I? I suppose I could get super super in depth and say thing like – I am every person I have ever been in contact with, I am every experience I have ever been through, I am every smell I have ever come across and I’m every place I have ever been to. And yes, this is mushy AF but I feel it’s quite valid.

We are little bits of everything we come across and experience in our daily lives and we’re pretty much constantly evolving with every new experience so, shit son, tomorrow I’ll probably be someone completely new 😂 So that’s what I’m doing here – going through my journey and sharing pieces of it with you.

Okay but if we put aside all of that broader sense sheezy – I’m a 20 year old vegan from South Africa with a dark sense of humour, a stomach that swears its never satisfied and a slight obsession with dogs, the outdoors and martial arts. 🌴 But we’ll get into all of these things as we go along. 😉

I suppose I’m really just going to wing this. I’ll post about places, my views on things, ideas, recipes (If you knew my cooking history you’d have quite the laugh but ya know, we try) .. pretty much whatever I feel like posting in that moment so keep an eye out. 🌼