Practicing a more peaceful life 💫

I once read a quote that said – “ We’re all masterpieces trying to master peace ” and I love it so damn much that it inspired me to share a few things that I have found help me be more positive in my daily life and I’m hoping it helps you too. 😉

  1. Social media

Okay lets be real, we are all influenced by social media these days BUT it’s important to remember that people usually only share their best days.

Naturally a lot of us compare ourselves to others and it’s not always easy to remind ourselves that they are also human and that they are most likely also going through their own issues that aren’t as pretty as the life they portray.

I feel that it’s very important to remind yourself that there’s a difference between reality and what you see on your screen.

For example: When I was younger – I did a photo shoot and one of the poses was of me upside down on a staircase and yes it looked pretty cool, but was it comfortable? Did I enjoy having blood run to my head or squinting my eyes because the sun was shining directly into them? Did I enjoy flopping around on a staircase or having the steps stab me in the back? Uh, no.

But it looked cool…

This is social media.

Yes, things look amazing and we should admire the beauty that is captured. But don’t for a second think that their life is better than yours or that they are flawless.

We all go through heartache, have fat days, feel like we want to sit at home and be completely useless but we also have our better days where we laugh, accomplish something, train hard and cook hearty meals etc.

So remember this – just because you might be having a down day but Susan (completely neutral name I feel 😂) is having the best day all tanned and on Camps Bay beach, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have bleak days (Also, side note – who’s to say she even enjoys sweating in the sun with sand stuck to her? Maybe she just feels the need to post beach pictures to feel some sort of acceptance from her followers? .. Just a side thought).

I’ve learnt to remind myself that everything is not always as it appears and I can honestly admit that I don’t always have good days and I want you to remember that, for all my future posts.

I know it’s getting weird reading all this cheesy stuff from me but it’s important that you keep reading 😜

  1. Be creative

Whether you enjoy painting, sketching, making music, scrap-booking, cooking, dancing, blogging or anything else for that matter – do whatever allows you to be creative.

I find that we often forget the beauty this world has to offer. We get so caught up in the stress of life that it’s important to find something that you enjoy that allows you to escape and be in touch with your inner self. Sometimes you aren’t even sure of what you enjoy but I urge you to try different things and find what you enjoy best.

I’ll do a post on a few ideas if you’re like, “Aye fam, Idk, I like eating I suppose?”

  1. Take it as it comes

We’re all usually torn between “If you want something go get it” and “whats meant to be will be”

We like to think that we have control of how  life unravels but if there’s anything I’ve learnt in the past year it’s that we have very little control of how things work out.

Yes, of course this doesn’t mean you should sit at home and do nothing because the universe has its own plans for you – you should go out there, work towards your goals and do everything to the best of your ability, but please always keep in mind that sometimes our roads take strange twists and turns and we might get shaken up a little but this is the way things work and all we can do is open our arms to new things and embrace them.

  1. Spend time with nature and the people you love

Connections, connections, connections! This is all I live for.

I live for the connections I make with my loved ones, friends, family, nature and everyone that crosses my path.

If you aren’t living for love and the people in your life – what are you living for?

So nurture these relationships.

Be there for people, keep these connections strong because they are more important than money, titles, degrees and anything else for that matter.

All it takes is a simple message – “awe ma se kind. hoe lyk it?” and bam friendship restored.

  1. forgive yourself and others

This one speaks for itself so I’m not going to get into too much detail, but I find that its important to remember that we are all going through our own problems. We are all constantly evolving and most importantly, we are all human and imperfect.

We say and do things we don’t necessarily mean, we get ugly and sometimes even hideous, this is life. But remember to always forgive yourself and others over and over again until your peace is restored.

Always put yourself in the shoes of others because usually once you understand someone and where they are coming from, it is impossible to hold onto any grudges.

  1. Be patient with yourself

I know that personally, I have always been someone that wants everything NOW. I want to do a million and 10 things all at once and I promise you, you just sit there with a fuzzy mind and no direction whatsoever.

Focus on a few things at a time and don’t rush yourself. It’s almost impossible to not put pressure on ourselves because we all want to do great things, but remember to take a step back and appreciate where you are in life and to thank YOURSELF for where you are because no one else has walked in your shoes to reach where you are now.


On a final note, I once read something by Amie Valpone that I feel is important to follow and it said, “Choose a life of conscious simplicity (simple meals, walks outside, meditation, cooking whole foods) and you’ll find more freedom in your life”

I know this was a lot more serious than my usual self but I hope it helps 🌻

-Jae ✌