South African Vegan pancake ideas 🍓

So, for the past few weekends I’ve been going through a teenie tiny bit of a pancake obsession.

Now, I owe most of the brain power and work to Brent (referred to as B going forward 😋) because he gets all the sheezy ready for me and I fry it up, decorate it, take pictures and post it for ya’ll (and eats it) SO realllllly, he makes all the magic happen. 💫

Alright, so they are pretty darn simple.

Firstly, buy any pancake mix – make sure there’s no egg/milk solids in the packet  (so basically make sure it’s vegan) – on this note, I have actually never seen egg or milk powder in pancake mix but just check because you know how this industry likes to gooi dairy into everything.

Alright. So now that you have your pancake mix you’ll need Orgran Egg replacer and plant-based protein powder (I use the Health Connection brand of Just Soy protein). I’m sure there are other egg replacement options but if you’re a noob like myself, I feel that Orgran’s egg replacer is theee best  – you can find this at Wellness Warehouse for R75 a box which may seem pricey but it has like 66  “eggs” per box so ya know, just get a box.

Okay so you pretty much follow the usual pancake recipe steps as it states on the packet except you’ll add your egg replacer instead of the egg as well as protein powder and then last but not least you’ll add funky Superfood powders to make it pretty (and so you can feel healthy AF with your wheatgrass powder pancakes even though there’s normal sugar in the pre-packaged pancake mix. #IfItsGreenItsClean, right?) 😜

You’ll then put some coconut oil in your pan, just a few droplets all over the pan and please lawd just use a non-stick pan because there’s NOTHING worse than a pan that ALL your pancakes stick to which will definitely result in depression when what we’re really going for is all the excitement humanely possible.

I usually put a little bit of coconut oil in the pan before each pancake because we can’t risk any pancakes failing.

Once it looks bubbly on the one side – flip it.

THEN take it out, stack it up, throw over some agave or golden syrup and throw on some fruit and waalaa

In the pictures below we made spirulina pancakes, chocolate pancakes and wheatgrass pancakes that all contain protein powder.

Spirulina protein pancakes
Spirulina protein pancakes
Cocoa protein pancakes
Cocoa protein pancakes
Wheatgrass protein pancakes
Wheatgrass protein pancakes
Normal protein pancakes
Normal protein pancakes
Okay, here’s a little summary:
What you’ll need:
  • Pancake pre-mix – Woolworths brand or the Snowflake brand is what I have been using
  • Soy protein powder or any vegan protein of choice – B adds about 45g of the Health Connection Just Soy protein powder
  • The bowl to mix everything in, pan, spatula
  • Coconut oil
  • Superfood powder of choice – Can add as much or as little as you like.
  • Toppings – Banana, fresh berries, etc
  • Orgran egg replacer – found at Wellness Warehouse
  • Follow the pancake recipe as it states on the pre-mix packet – don’t forget to add the wet ingredients such as oil, etc.
  • Mix the Orgran “eggs” with a small amount of water until it reaches a gooey texture in a separate cup and add it to the mixture – usually about 1 TBSP of water for every tsp you are using of the egg replacer.
  • Once everything is mixed together you can add the superfood powder as well as the protein powder
  • Add soy milk little by little until the mixture is a more watery/pancakey consistency
  • Put the stove on medium heat and add coconut oil (a small amount just a few drops)
  • Add a scoop of mixture and allow it to bubble slightly on the top before turning it.
  • Once the first one is done – keep adding a small amount of coconut oil before each pancake mix scoop is placed in the pan.
  • Then stack em’ up, drizzle over some sort of sauce/syrup, add fruit, take a picture and tag me in it so I can check out your creations. 😁

Okay so I know this is a life hack/lazy version that’s full of sugar but aye, this is life.

I’ll defs try out a fresh/homemade pancake mix with a natural sugar replacement and I’ll let you know how it goes and if it’s worthy – the recipe will be shared for sure. 🐒

Thanks for reading – I know this wasn’t even a recipe, more like some inspiration. BUT will get some homemade recipes to you soon 😉

Don’t hesitate to tag me in any of your vegan pancake creations 😜

Thanks for reading x

Bye bye,

Jae ✌️